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Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)

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Aloe Vera mainly used in cosmetic industry. Leaves possess many medicinal properties and are used to treat fever, enlarged liver, and spleen of the glands. It suppresses the menstrual problem, cure piles, jaundice and also treats the burns. Aloe Vera is the indoor plant as well as outdoor plant and it's big foliage plant. it is low maintenance plant.

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₹ 310.00

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)

Stevia is a small perennial herb belonging to the Asteraceae family.   It is commonly known as honey leaf plant, sweet chrysanthemum, sweet leaf stevia, sugar leaf, etc. Leaves are a good source of zero calorie sweeteners and the sweetness of this plant more than sugar, so it is used as a natural sweetener. Sweetness in the leaf is, due to a sweetening agent called "Stevioside". Stevia plant grows up to 2-4 feet height. Leaves are a good source of zero calorie sweeteners. It lowers blood sugar levels, hence this is considered to be a great plant for diabetic patients.

₹ 300.00

Lemongrass ( Cymbopogon flexuosus)

Leaves are good source of aromatic essential oil which contains 75 per cent citral. It has has antibacterial properties. It is used for headaches, tooth-aches and as a diuretic agent for fever. It is used in scenting of soaps, detergents, insect repellent preparations.

₹ 300.00

Mint ( Mentha arvensis)

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Mint helps indigestion/stomach, helps in respiratory disorders and in controlling nausea & headache. Mint helps in asthma, depression, and fatigue. ColourAvail Green to violet-tinged stems. Mint is the best fragrant and medical plant.

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Giloy ( Tinospora cordifolia)

Giloy is a perennial woody climber with succulent stems belongs to the family Menispermaceae. All plant parts are having some medicinal properties. Its dried stem cuttings are used to cure jaundice, anaemia and skin diseases. Now days it gets popularity to cure dengue disease and improve the immune system.

₹ 300.00