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Anthurium (Anthurium andreanum)

Anthurium is an evergreen, perennial tropical plant. It is a shade loving plant, suitable for planting in pots or beds in indoor conditions. Hybrid varieties are suitable for pot planting. Anthurium is grown for their bright coloured flower spathes and their ornamental leaves.

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Aglaonema Pinklip

Aglaonema is one of the most decorative indoor foliage plants with attractive variegated leaves for homes and offices. It belongs from “Araceae” family and it is known as “Chinese evergreen” as its common name.  It has a pink stem and pink colour foliage; it does not bloom flowers.

Plants are extremely popular and can be used as single specimens to decorate a home or in mass to create a coarse-textured, tropical effect.

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Aglaonema Red

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Alpinia (AlpiniaSpp.)

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Alpinia is an evergreen, herbaceous, perennial plant, produce a large clump of leafy stems of 2 - 3 meters tall from an underground, rhizome.  Alpinia is tall container plant with strikingly variegated large leaves with irregular stripes of green and yellow. It is a suitable plant for growing in a container as a cut flower or in the mixed border. 

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Dieffenbachia Sparkles

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It is a hardy shade loving plant which is grown as an ornamental foliage plant especially in pots for indoor decoration.  It looks beautiful with its large variegated leaves.  It is commonly known as Dumb-Cane, because from its toxic sap with oxalate crystals, which causes a temporary inability to speak if ingested. Dieffenbachia can be best used as a house plant as well as office plant.

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Ficus Bonsai (Ficus microcarpa)

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Generally, Chinese banyan is known as other names like Pot Belly, Banyan Fig, Indian Laurel, Curtain fig and Chinese Banyan. It is the ideal tree for growing in indoor bonsai. In moist conditions, the main trunk of the plant surrounded by smaller accessory trunks which have grown from aerial roots makes it good bonsai plant in indoor conditions. Leaves are glossy, dark green and leathery. Plants root swell and stores water and nutrients and used these nutrients in adverse conditions without food and water for a long time, making it an excellent bonsai plant. Chinese Banyan is the indoor plant as well as the outdoor plant.


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