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Indoor Plants

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Green Xanadu

Golden Xanadu is an evergreen perennial indoor plant that usually grows about 2-3 feet in height. Leaves are big and lobed shaped. It is good for pot planting in indoor areas and ideal for mass planting in the garden or as an excellent feature plant in large containers.   Parts of plants are poisonous if ingested.  Note- Please note that the foliage of this plant has been known to cause eye or skin irritation and should not be ingested.

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Philodendron Red

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Philodendron is used for osteoarthritis, weight loss and obesity, diarrhea, ulcers in the stomach or upper part of the small intestine (peptic ulcers), diabetes, meningitis,pneumonia, eye infections, tuberculosis, and cirrhosis of the liver

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Sunflower-Helianthus annuus

But the best use of a sunflower is to brighten up garden during the sunnier months of the year. They cultivated the sunflower for its seeds, which they pounded into meal for cakes, mush, and bread; the oil from the seeds was rubbed onto their skin and hair.

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Torch aloe (Aloe aristata)

Aloe aristata is grown as a garden plant. It is an an excellent choice for container gardens indoors. It is mainly grown for Container, Edging, groundcover and mixed border.

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Tradescantia (Tradescantia zebrina)

Tradescantia zebrina commonly known as Wandering Jew, Inch Plant, Cockroach Grass and Purple Wandering Jew. It is a succulent herbaceous perennial plant are valued for their stripes of white, green, silver, and purple colors of their leaves. It is commonly grown as a houseplant, groundcover and bedding plant.


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Schefflera (Schefflera spp.)

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Schefflera is a wonderful tropical plant. It is a popular perennial indoor evergreen plant. It requires minimal maintenance in comparison to other house plants. Plants are grown for indoor pot plants which purify the indoor air. Schefflera is the most useful home plant and It also uses as office decoration Plant.

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