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Mulberry (Morus alba)

Mulberry tree is a perennial, broadleaf woody plant. Generally, trees grown, in most of the climatic conditions but prefer subtropical and light temperate climatic conditions. All, fruiting mulberry species are divided into three types, according to the color of their fruits– Red, white, and black. Main cultivated species are Morus alba, Morus serrata, M. indica and M. latifolia.

Mulberry trees are good carbon sink plants. Trees absorb air pollutants such as chlorine, hydrogen fluoride, and sulphur dioxide and release oxygen.

The mulberry tree is an ideal for city landscape due to its excellent features in tree form, leaf colour, growth & vigour, and drought resistance. It can be grown, at garden corners, along roadsides, in public parks and other recreation places. It is an excellent tree species for city forestation. Fruits are used directly can be eaten fresh. Trees are an excellent and handsome shade tree and are often planted on field edges in irrigated, semi-arid lands where it is also valued for fruit, poles and timber. 

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