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Anthurium (Anthurium andreanum)

Anthurium is an evergreen, perennial tropical plant. It is a shade loving plant, suitable for planting in pots or beds in indoor conditions. Hybrid varieties are suitable for pot planting. Anthurium is grown for their bright coloured flower spathes and their ornamental leaves.

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Pincushion cactus (Echinocactus Grusonii)

Pincushion cactus is a small, ball-shaped to spherical plant that is usually covered in spines or white wool. Suitable for table top, balcony and window. Single stem with large clusters. Flowers blooms in a ring with different colours.

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Rama Tulsi

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Tulsi mainly grown in pots for ornamental purpose or for worshiping but it has many medicinal properties. It cures many diseases such as fever, cardiac diseases, gynecological disorders, respiratory problems, skin disorders. Tulsi is the outdoor plant and It is easy to care plant and It produces O2 at Night. 

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Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa sinensis)

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Hibiscus is a perennial evergreen plant grown as hedge plants for ornamental purposes. Plants and seeds are available in tall, medium and dwarf type varieties. Dwarf varieties easily grown in pots. hibiscus is the best outdoor plant so It can be used in home gardens as well as office garden. It's very low maintenance plant.

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Gerbera-Gerbera jamesonii

Gerbera is one among the top ten cut flowers which are in demand and traded in the world market. Gerbera is also ideal for beds, borders, pots and rock gardens besides as cut flower since cut flowers have long vase life and suit very well for floral arrangements

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Rose (Rosa spp.)

Rose plant available in basic plastic black pot.

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Rose petals can be candied and also used to make fragrant syrups and preserves. Another bi-product of rose distillation is rose water which is a diluted version of the rose essence and had a pleasant scent. It is used in the cosmetic industry to help prevent winkles. However, it is so easy to create, it can be made at home. Rose is the popular fragrant plant as well as the flowering plant.

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